Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Joe's hair has grown out

...but his eyes remain closed. Having spent about fifteen minutes at Joe Biden's photo gallery trying to find a picture I could use in yesterday's post, I can appreciate how hard it is to find a picture of the guy were he isn't either facing away from the camera, out of focus, badly lit, or any combination of the above.

As for the "joke," yes, I know about the time delays and all that, but everyone else has managed to get their Ana Nicole and Brittney jokes in on time (and funnier) I suppose we should just be thankful that these came in 2007 and not 2027.

Meanwhile, the L.A. Times has dropped Marmaduke to return La Cucaracha to the comics pages. Franklin Avenue is pushing for a return of Candorville, and while I agree that it's a good strip, I fear that the Faustian bargain that would allow it to reappear on the comics pages might also result in Get Fuzzy being dropped for the return of Mallard Fillmore.

Be a glutton for punishment: Read the strip


Hamilton said...

Can't see them dropping Get Fuzzy. They'd probably drop another old one like Marmaduke, which I'd be all for.

andy? said...

as more and more of the prvious generations die off, "old school" comics (by which i mean boring and/or nonsensical and/or racist/sexist/homophobic) will be replaced by comics that speak to the next generations, meaning more wit, better art, and just a better comics experience...or things will get worse...

sorry for the rant