Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Speaking of religions of peace

One of the favorite games that conservatives play is trying to get liberals to defend the indefensible. Today's strip is a classic example of this.

I'm not playing.

I think that the whole punishing the teacher for allowing her kids to name a teddy bear "Mohammed" was a gross injustice.

But to insinuate that this sort of extremism is unique to Islam is absurd. After all, does anyone remember the reaction to Piss Christ? Or perhaps another shining example of the Christian virtue of turning the other cheek? Neither of these reactions are anything close to the Christianity that I practice.

And likewise, many Muslims were quick to condemn the Sudanese incident. Which Muslims are the real Muslims? For that matter, which Christians are the real Christians?

Be a glutton for punishment: Read the strip

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Anonymous said...

I remember the criticism to "Piss Christ" very well. No one was imprisoned, or threatened with torture or death, that I recall. Christians were POed (hah) that this "work of art" was exhibited at public expense. There weren't any violent protests or even much in the way of peaceful protests. What's so extreme about that? I agree that Muslims are unfairly tagged as violent extremists by the neo-cons and others, but your point isn't well-made in this case.