Sunday, December 23, 2007

Amen brother

Of course remember that if you cut out all the parts of the Bible that talk about taking care of the poor, there's very little left. And yet, this is something that polls poorly (so to speak) with the Republican focus groups. Interesting, that.

Over the next eight days, posting will be a bit more erratic than usual, but I will get a post out daily although possibly appearing a day or two after the actual date. It's either that, or put a bunch of blank do-it-yourself postings up for the week.

Be a glutton for punishment: Read the strip


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Well, if you cut it out of the New Testament, anyway. Besides, Tinny's more of an eye-for-an-eye Old Testament guy.

...Which gives him more in common with those same Jewish folks of whom he occasionally makes hook-nosed caricatures, strangely enough, than any genuine Christian.

But then, he also poses as a law-abiding patriotic American, a conservative, occasionally a libertarian when it suits him, and a stalwart defender of truth and freedom--and he's none of those outside of his own mind, either.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Oh...Happy Holidays!

Don said...

Actually, the stuff about taking care of the poor is all over the Old Testament as well. And the eye-for-an-eye stuff in the Old Testament, if one actually studies the text and pays attention to contexts within the text is established as an upper limit for retribution, not as a standard for it.