Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I lied

Heavens, the thought of reading a week's worth of the strip and commenting on them all in one sitting, no not for me.

Instead we get a stereotypical attack on Clinton. Because in Bruce's twisted mind, she's so desperate to win, she'll slime people merely for endorsing and supporting one of her opponents. Even if, as he claimed in one of the strips last week, their impact is minimal. I guess I'm next, for my own Obama endorsement.

Be a glutton for punishment: Read the strip

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Matt Ramone said...

It's possibly his most offensive caricature yet. While all good political cartoonists will exaggerate features, this crosses the line from caricature into pretty basic misogyny.

I guess Tinshely is terrified of having a woman as President. "Ohhh noes, what if we're attacked when she's on her period? We'll need a new White House locker room! We'd have to call her 'Madame President,' which is French! FROTH FROTH FROTH"

I have my own issues with Clinton, but absolutely none of them stem from her gender, and Tinsley's proclivity to portray women he disagrees with as hideous harridans is offensive to say the least.