Friday, February 16, 2007

After a flashback to 1998, I guess this is timely

We know that the duck has a two-week lead time, same as Doonesbury. So how come the Doonesbury strips on Rosie vs Trump are already a distant memory? How long has it been since this whole dust-up? I did a quick look in the Doonesbury archives to see when his strips on the topic took place. It's been over two weeks, so at least Bruce didn't just look at Doonesbury and try to make a lame joke.

I can't wait until June when we'll be treated to some witty humor on the death of Anna Nicole Smith, the people's playmate.

In the google-bombing progress report, I've moved up from number 24 to number 19 on the search results for "Mallard Fillmore." For "Bruce Tinsley" I'm at 42, which is higher than somewhere in who-knows-where last time I checked. If you want to contribute to What's wrong with Mallard Fillmore being the number one site when people search for "Mallard Fillmore" or "Bruce Tinsley, instructions are here. If you don't have a blog, the other thing you can do is to a google search on mallard fillmore or bruce tinsley, dig through the results until you find "What's Wrong with Mallard Fillmore". I'm not entirely sure that this amounts to anything, but since Google owns blogger maybe it does affect the ratings.

Be a glutton for punishment: Read the strip


Doc Sane said...

Why is it that the UN soldier appears to be wearing WWII Nazi uniform?

GeoX said...

I'll proudly note that my oft-mallard-related blog (not that I advertise it much) is the NUMBER ONE GOOGLE HIT for the extremely popular phrase "Duckfuckery." Pwned!

dlauthor said...

Either the uniform the only one Tinsley has in his home for reference, or it's the sartorial equivalent of his clever technique to draw all Democrats with either a vacant stare or demonic grin. You know, 'cause they're evil and stupid.