Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bruce Tinsley admits it.

It turns out that all of my speculation about his love life is true (read the strip). Gee Bruce, maybe if you weren't such a racist misogynist, you'd be able to get a date.

In the Walter Williams watch category, there's another article. Well, not an article actually, more an opinion piece by a Wall Street Journal guy, well not really an opinion piece, more a bit of lame reportage to fill the contracted number of column inches.


GeoX said...

Hate to defend the Tinz, but this brief bio alleges that he's married with children (scary thought, I know). I would tend to attribute this strip more to his reflexive misanthropy than actual current circumstance.

Kaitlyn said...

Maybe he's nothing like the duck, he's a bleeding heart liberal having fun and getting paid.

Like Colbert, only not funny.

Just read the bio, he says he's the duck.

Maybe his marriage is over/in the crapper.

Or maybe he keeps his misanthropy to the strip and out of the house.

dlauthor said...

I'm sure the drunkenness can't be popular with the rest of his family.

Other things from the bio:

He went to journalism school? I thought he was all grassroots and stuff. But then, he had the Reader's Digest fellowship which is ... somewhat bewildering. What did he do, spend four weeks writing folksy jokes for the Pluggers set?

"He hopes to teach someday." Hee. Hee hee. Hee hee hoo hoo ha ha snerk.

Anonymous said...

Tinsley's attacks on teachers are mean-spirited and untrue. He has no talent for humor. Cutting down people who are trying to make the world a better place (teachers) is just not funny. What, are we now supposed to blame teachers for all of the world's ills? Are nurses,or doctors, or nuns, or stay-at-home moms going to be his next target? I've got an idea for you, Bruce Tinsley, make yourself an object of ridicule. Oops, too late, you already have!

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are off base.

The teacher jokes are absolutely on point. I had teachers just like that in high school. They hid behind a "college prep" title, but really it was an excuse to not have to grade us.

In Michigan we had a large controversy a few years back when a law was passed that required teachers to have degrees in the fields they taught in. Imagine needing a math degree to teach calc being an issue?

Anyways you guys are foolishly wrong. Especialy about the greatest living American Economist Mr. Williams.

Anonymous said...

I take great offense to the teacher-bashing cartoons I,ve been reading this week. I taught for 34 years and was nothing like your "Miss Carp." 99% of the teachers I worked with were knowledgeable & caring & skilled. How about a comment about the "good teachers" in the public system.