Sunday, February 4, 2007

Maybe it's better when he doesn't try for the joke

I admit it. I've got nothing here. They keep pushing the super bowl back, and maybe someday it'll happen on Valentine's Day.

Which would be a good set-up for a joke, rather than a punch-line. Picture, say Mrs Williams griping at Walter E for spending the fortnight leading up to valentine's day worrying about the Super Bowl big game instead of finding her some nice lingerie or something. Now that could be a funny strip.

Be a glutton for punishment: Read the strip


Kaitlyn said...

The year he picked - 2012 - is wrong for the joke.

You think he could have done minscule research to find a year where Feb. 14 falls on a Sunday, but no.

Anonymous said...

I, um. I just let out a kind of half-exhalation of amusement, when I read that strip. It wasn't a laugh, but it was ALMOST a laugh.
I think I need to go flagellate myself or something.