Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh dear, he's going to try to stretch the "joke" over multiple strips

Of course one of the things that Bruce manages to completely miss is a fundamental difference between the liberal and conservative mindsets. Conservatives (if I may make an over generalization), tend to submit to authority, whether it's spiritual (thus fundamentalism) or secular (thus AM radio). Liberals, on the other hand, are rather averse to this, and tend not to take anyone wholly as an authority. Put two liberals in a room and you'll get three opinions.

It's also worth noting that in that 400 scientists from Saturday's strip, some of them are people who dispute just some small part of the consensus, or in some cases, are willing to point out some parts of An Inconvenient Truth that they feel are making claims a bit beyond the science, for example, saying that a single hurricane cannot be attributed to global warming, although an overall increase can, while Gore gives the impression that Katrina was directly caused by global warming. Wow, that 400 number, small as it was, is overstating the dissent.

Be a glutton for punishment: Read the strip

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