Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bruce Tinsley, please don't talk about the Cubs

There are some things that I believe very strongly in. Two of them are that the DH rule is the product of Satan, and that you should cheer for the baseball team from the city of your birth for the entirety of your life. This means that when I have kids, they'll be raised to be Dodger fans, even though I'm a Cubs fan.

So as a dedicated Cubs fan, let me just say, Bruce Tinsley, you have no right to talk about my team. Just by acknowledging their existence in passing in a poem with no discernible meter, you make me feel like I need to take a shower.

And there's a reason people don't, as a rule, talk about sporting events in comic strips: By the time the strip hits print, nobody cares. The exception that proves the rule, of course, would be the Get Fuzzy strips about the Red Sox winning the world series.

But when it comes to college bowl games, come on, two weeks later, no one can remember who played in which one, let alone who won. People are busy worrying about more important things, like the NFL playoffs.

And speaking of the NFL playoffs, even though I'm Chicago-born and bred, I'm not rooting for the Bears. I will boycott them until they get rid of that abomination that they've desecrated Soldier Field with. It's fugly. And evil. L.A., meanwhile, has managed to lose not just one, but two teams in my time here, so now I just don't really pay attention to football at all. But that's OK, baseball season begins in just over two months.

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Anonymous said...

It's fancinating that Tinsley bemoans tax and spend Democrats (Feb. 25, 2007 strip). Seems like the 'publicans were in charge of Congress from 1994 to November 2007. With a 'Publican prez since 2000, they've produced record-breaking deficits. With Mr. Conservative as prez from 1980 to 1988 and Bush Sr. as prez from 1988 to 1992, they produced monstrous federal deficits also. Only during a Democratic prez 1992-2000 was the budget under control. Get the facts straight before producing your garbage, Mr. Tinsley. It is people like you who seem to delight in trying to divide people by lies and innuendos. Unfortunately, you have a national audience in which to do so.