Monday, January 22, 2007

To make up for the duck being dull today

I feel compelled to report Tony Snow's response when asked what the best part of the upcoming state of the union address would be:

It's like looking in a drawer full of diamonds
I'm sure it is.


D.B. Echo said...

Hey! Here's a comment for you! Is it the first? I'm too lazy to go through every post just now. And COLD, as you may have read on Josh's site.

The problem with this concept is that it can very easily fall into the same repetiveness as MF itself. You could practically answer the question in the title by running the strip each day! (You would probably get an angry drunken phone call from Tinsley himself if you did that.)

My favorite MF lately was one of his New Year's Predictions, about Hollywood making a mockery of "family values" by having all of its kids sent off to rehab. So, Bruce...are you suggesting that Mallard Fillmore makes a mockery of family values? Or...wait...have you ever actually entered a treatment program...?

- Harold (from The Comics Curmudgeon)

Don said...

Yes, you are indeed the first commenter. Thanks for saying something (although I did notice that I had things set so that I didn't allow people without blogger accounts to post comments previously, so that may have contributed a bit).

Kaitlyn said...

Hello, your second comment here!

I'm better than the other person, totally better.

I saw your link at Duck and Cover.

I tried to post last night, but Google timed out and I gave up. (But it was only for your blog. Go figure.)

I'm off to explore your blog some more!

Did you see today's cartoon?

Blech, talk about lag time...

D.B. Echo said...


An 18-year-old girl into MAD Magazine and The Hitchhiker's Guide? With a blog that has the word "Monkey" in the title? You are SO totally better than me!!! Where the hell were girls like you when I was 18???

Don said...

Well, D.B., given that you're 38, my pithy joke won't work. Oh hell, let's just pretend that you're 35. Then the answer would be: "in diapers."

Anonymous said...

I like your blog, and hate "Mallard Fillmore" -- in fact, I like you, am kind of obsessed with how stupid it is -- but that was really a dumb comment. I work in the diamond industry, and you linked to a SEVEN YEAR OLD article that is no longer true anymore. I know it was just a flip one-liner, but that's really playing at Tinley's level. I'm very disappointed.