Thursday, January 25, 2007

Freedom is on the march (offer not valid in China)

The rant about childhood obesity in China continues. And I have to admit that Bruce is right that the Chinese almost certainly did import the problem from us. In fact, when I was doing some of the initial research for yesterday's commentary, I found that we've apparently been quite successful in exporting the problem to large portions of the world. Basic rule: The more Americanized a country's food system is, the more obesity becomes a problem. We've even got the French.

But I do think Bruce is wrong on the rest of it. I think the Chinese have settled on American-style democracy and human rights.

Be a glutton for punishment: Read the strip


Kaitlyn said...

Speaking of Abu Ghraib and the comparison to harmless frat pranks, there was an article in an old, old Mad magazine about the realities of frats vs the image presented, and it said that the hazing would be classified as war crimes. 40+ years ago.

brendan said...

great blog, but I think you mean "exported the problem to the rest of the world".

You have guts, subjecting yourself to Tinsley's drunken rants. Real guts, my friend. The duck strip is just painful to read.