Friday, January 12, 2007

Fox news and Toyota

We get not one but two pictures of the duck to go with the not-terribly funny joke. Apparently, in Bruce Tinsley's mind, Fox News=Toyota. I suppose you could make the case that they're both foreign-owned. Or perhaps he's making the case that Toyota owners are poorly informed.

Of course what Tinsley fails to mention is that Fox has been beginning to see its viewership disappear along with Bush's popularity ratings. For that matter, while Toyota is selling as many if not more cars than the Detroit "big three", the same cannot be said about Fox (gee Bruce, thanks for pointing me at where I found, by searching for "fox abc cbs nbc" a nice chart refuting your claims).

But wait what about the car stuff? I found this recent article, complete with a handy bar chart. It looks like Toyota is poised to overtake Ford for second place but not close to passing GM in total sales.

So not only is the duck not funny, he's also wrong.

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