Monday, January 29, 2007

There's no humor like black humor

Bruce Tinsley declares that this week, he "will threaten an African American!!" Throw in a silent panel and then the revelation that it's all a desparate cry for attention and well, it's just kind of sad, really.

Coming soon: Yelling fire in a crowded theater to get the media's attention.

Use the comments thread to predict just who he'll be threatening. My guess is Barack Obama.

Be a glutton for punishment: Read the strip


Anonymous said...

I thought he might be planning some "hilarious" observation about Charlize Theron or Dave Matthews being African-Americans.

Chad said...

He'll stick to what he knows: Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

Robert Whitaker Sirignano said...

Ah, anything to grab a reader, I suppose. But Tinsley seem to have an the typical unopened mind of a conservative.

But having empathy and concern and questions for people might indicate a liberal streak. Having heard RUsh Limbaugh, I can assure you abstract things in not their forte.

Barak O., however gifted, has slender credentials. I suppose Tinsley will go after that issue.