Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fat dogs and drugs

So, apparently Bruce's modus operandi is to look in the paper for something to get outraged about. I imagine that he pictures Pfizer scientists spending a great deal of effort making a drug for dogs. I somehow suspect that this isn't the case at all. More likely, Slentrol was created as part of a research program for human weight loss drugs. After all, animals are used in early phase drug research, and in this case it turns out that the drug uses a mechanism which is unique to dogs. It won't work for people or cats.

Or perhaps it's shock that the FDA might regulate drugs for non-human consumption. Which tells me that Bruce ought to get out more.

But the really interesting thing is that apparently, Bruce thinks that his outrage is so important that it would get reported on TV. Nope, just some piddling blog.

Be a glutton for punishment: read the strip


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Just a thought - imho, you seriously need to include the strip you're talking about on any given day, or at the very least, a (visible, obvious) link to it (if there is one, I didn't spot it) - my paper doesn't carry MF, and I won't quite be arsed to try to match the day of your post with the day of MF on whatever syndicate he's on.

Christopher said...

I want to know which TV peronality is saying this.

I've never seen him, but could it be Kieth Olbermann?

I mean, all the other commentators on the TV are either conservatives, or The Daily Show/Colbert Report.

And none of them would talk about "conservative callousness".

Don said...

I've clarified the link. I'm not really keen to do them for the older posts, but it's part of my blog post template now, which should help force me to do it in the future,

Kaitlyn said...

I was outraged over the drug and who would by it, but I recorded my outrage on my liberal blog.

I found out about the drug from http://feministe.us/blog/

Also liberal.

Nobody's concerned about obese dogs, not in the way MF makes it sound, just concerned over people who would do it do their dogs - for the most part, their weight depends on you, the owner.